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Regional Head Office - Singapore

Add: 10 Eunos Road 8
#07-31 Singapore Post Centre
Singapore 408600

Australia Office

Tel: 1800 021 333 or +61 2 9733 0700
Fax: +61 2 9733 0799
Add: Lot 1, Keylink Industrial Estate - North, 395 Pembroke Road, Minto NSW 2566, Australia

Hong Kong Office

Tel: (852) 2318 1213
Fax: (852) 2751 8326
Add: 3-4/F, The Grande Building 398-402 Kwun Tong Road Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

India Office

Tel: (91) 22 6120 6900
Add: Quantium Express Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.
2nd Floor, WICEL Administrative building,
Opp Seepz Gate No. 01, MIDC, Andheri (E), Mumbai – 400 093

Indonesia Office

Tel: +62 21 2937 3867
Add: Graha Intirub,
Gate 49-53,
Jalan Cililitan Besar No 454,
Jakarta Timur 13640, Indonesia

Japan Office

Tel: +81 3 5755 0150
Fax: +81 3 5755 0155
Add: 3F Prologis Park Tokyo-Ohta 1-3-6 Tokai, Ohta-ku Tokyo #143-0001 Japan

Malaysia Office

Tel: (603) 5569 6901
Fax: (603) 5569 6910
Add: Axis Plaza Level 2, No 5, Jalan Penyair U1/44, Off Jalan Glenmarie 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

New Zealand Office

Tel: (64) 9 925 9690
Fax: (64) 9 969 3191
Add: 5-7 Amelia Earhart Avenue Airport Oaks Auckland 2022

Philippines Office

Tel: (63) 2 631-9416
Fax: (63) 2 852-0991
Add: No. 4, Pines Street
Corner Sheridan Street
Barangay Buayang Bato
Mandaluyong City
1550 Philippines

Taiwan Office

Tel: (886) 2 7739 8968
Fax: (886) 2 7739 1068
Add: 4F No. 112, Wugong 3rd Rd, Wugu District, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Thailand Office

Tel: (66) 2 712 2999
Fax: (66) 2 712 4579
Add: 35 ซอยสมานฉันท์ ถนนสุขุมวิท 42
แขวงพระโขนง เขตคลองเตย กทม. 10110

Vietnam Office

Tel: 19006411, 84-8-73029988
Add: 06 Thăng Long, Phường 4, Quận Tân Bình, TPHCM.
Email: [email protected]


Addressing formats
Punctuation should not be used in Australian addresses. Nor should any words be underlined. Local addresses should be no more than 3 lines long. Always use abbreviations for the state or territory and four-digit code. These should be written on the same line as the town / city / district. The four digit code depicts state / territory and local areas.

Addresses can be written in capitals if desired i.e.:
Lot 1, Keylink Industrial Estate – North
395 Pembroke Road
Minto NSW 2566

Undeliverable mail terms
The postal authorities denote the undeliverable mail reasons in the English language.
Address incomplete
Address inaccessible
Addressee has gone away
Addressee unknown
Gone away
Not known at this address
No such post office
Not called for

Envelope layout

It is important that the zones on the envelopes, indicated below, are observed at all times.

Typically, the address should be written in three lines:

The top line should contain the recipient’s name
The second last line should contain the number and name of the street, or PO Box or locked bag number if applicable
The last line should contain the place name or post office of delivery, State or Territory abbreviation and postcode. This line should be printed in capitals without punctuation or underlining. For overseas mail the country name should be in capitals on the bottom line.
Where extra clarifying information is required, place this information above the last two lines of the address. This includes information such as:
company or property name
non-address information, e.g. Attention M/s

Addressing tips

General Addressing Tips:
Use the correct postcode – don’t guess it if you don’t know it. The postcode should be the last item in the address.
Use clear print– Print clearly using dark ink, preferably black on white. Red, yellow or orange inks should be avoided.
Keep the address straight – the address lines should be parallel to the bottom of the envelope
Don’t indent or stagger address lines – each line of the address should start at the same point on the left hand side
Space words correctly – leave one or two character spaces between the place name or post office of delivery and the State or Territory abbreviation, and the same amount of space between the State or Territory abbreviation and the postcode.
Don’t underline anything – no words in the address should be underlined.
Include a return address – place the sender’s address in the top left corner, or on the back flap of the envelope. This ensures we can return the letter if it can’t be delivered.

Machine Addressing Tips

Use clear readable type. Ensure the print characters in the address do not touch or overlap. Australia Post recommends using a fixed pitch type font such as Courier 12 point, 10 pitch
Avoid italic, artistic, script, coarse dot matrix, extremely wide or narrow print fonts.
Replace worn out ribbons or cartridges.
Addresses in window panel envelopes should be clearly visible through the window. No other information should appear through the window, together with the address, even if the contents should move.
Don’t use Postcode Squares for machine-addressed letters even if they are pre-printed on the envelope.

Hand Addressing Tips

Use envelopes pre-printed with the four Postcode Squares.
Print the four numerals of the destination postcode clearly within the Squares.
Do not use the Squares on hand addressed envelopes for overseas addresses – even if the overseas postal code can fit into the Squares.
Print the place name and state or territory abbreviation on the bottom line in capital letters.

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